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Thank you for your interest regarding IL PARNASO. We are situated in the region of Campania , in the south of Italy. Il Parnaso is on the Cilento coast  which possesses many historic sights as Paestum Velia and Padula, plus the national park of Cilento.

Its mantle of woodland thins out as it approaches the sea of sparkling blue with countless villages along its shores.

To be more precise, we are in Castellabate approximately 40 miles south of salerno. The little village derives its name from its founder, saint Costabile Gentilcore, who was the fourth abbot of the abbey of Cava and sponsored the building of the castle in the 12™ century.

The ancient village as frozen in time, with its stoned paved street all leading to a small piazza where one can sit and admire the magnificent view of the harbour of San Marco and Punta Licosa.

From “the vaglio” on a clear day you can see the Amalfi coastline and island of Capri.

Il Parnaso is a two-generation, family restaurant with apartments all with breath taking views to the se, offering excellent local cuisine.

All the produce is home grown, from meat to vegetables and fruit, from wine to extra virgin olive oil. Homemade pasta is freshly made each morning and ripe, home grown tomatoes picked and prepared.

Il Parnaso has six apartments and one villa some with self-catering facilities. All have double bedrooms with sitting area (most with bed settee), shower, fridge bar  and terrace with sea views. The villa has an additional twin room and separate sitting room.

Pool is available June July august and September.

Car hire is recommended,   beaches shuttle 10am back at 2,30 pm, on request we can offer different time, excursion to Vesuvio, Amalfi, Capri, and Palinuro by boat trips or by minibus. Local excursion such as sea fishing, scuba diving. Tennis, horse riding, cooking course and………..

The sky here is the best you can have. The climate mild, and sea rich. You have roses throughout the year, citrus fruits in all season, clear and abundant waters. Eight rivers

And seven ports, along eighty miles shores. After all, this was the region of the mermaids.

Where is The Cilento Coast? The Cilento Coast is the area, which comes after the Amalfi coast, and after Salerno. The  Cilento coast offers some many pretty villages overlooking the sea places like Agropoli, Castellabate, Agnone, Pioppi, Ascea and Palinuro, a pretty and charming town, or San Giovanni a Piro, another pretty hilltop village.

“Agropoli” is the capital of the area in it there is the many big harbour of the Cilento.

“Castellabate” is the hill-top village when you can see the really medieval village, whit its beautiful piazza, nice belvedere, pretty vicoletti and magnificent view of on a clear day the Amalfi coast and Capri island, from here, you can take a small boat out to an uninhabited islet, also called Licosa (mermaids of Ulisse).

“Agnone” the ancient fish village on the coast where you can see in the evening a very old fisherman come back after a day of heavy work in the sea.

“ Pioppi” a pretty village on the beach just ten minutes before the ruins of Velia.

“Paestum” there are a many Greek ruins: temple of Neptune, and a temple of Cerere are the best interesting, museum and basilica will be visit.

“Palinuro” takes its names Aeneas’ pilot Palinurus, who is supposedly berried here Virgil made the whole story up or the Aeneid.

There are many nice towns on the country, why no visit Padula where is location Certosa di San Lorenzo, after San Martino in Naples probably the biggest and richest monastery in the south. Pertosa ands Castelcivita near the village Controne and Roscigno


The Cilento coast have a lot production: mozzarella cheese makes near Paestum with buffalo milk, extra virgin olive oil makes every where on the top hill village, red and with wines you can see vineyard in all farms, fresh and dry figs, near the sea many fishing village where  make a “alici salate” or tuna in olive oil.

How to get to The Cilento Coast:

It is possible to access the beauties of the Cilento by flying into Naples and they’re either by picking up a car from Naples airport or by picking the car up from city centre.

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